How To Get The Best Time And Attendance Software

If your company is growing very quickly, and you are having difficulties managing all of your employees, using software is one way that you can improve how efficient you will be. One of the largest problems that growing companies will have is managing the time and attendance of each person that works for their business. Although you could have a standard timesheet that people could fill out, sometimes it is better to be a little more efficient. This involves the use of technology that can actually register the moment a person arrives, and when they leave, so that you can properly pay them. Here are a couple ideas on how you can get the best time and attendance software that is available right now.

How Does This Software Work?

This software can be designed in a few different ways. You could have a time clock that is associated with people that use what are called punchcards. This will accurately record when they punch in, and when they punch out, but sometimes you want something a little more high-tech. You can actually use facial recognition software, and tablet computers, to really keep track of your employees. They simply have to scan their face, and that will automatically log them in and out, without worrying about any type of fraud. This uses what is called biometric facial recognition software which can also be utilized on Apple and android phones.

Which Companies Offer This Type Of Software?

There is a company by the name of TimeTrex which has been creating outstanding software related to helping people manage their businesses. Not only do they provide you with the facial recognition apps, but also real time timesheets, scheduling and leave maintenance software, as well as accruals and time banks to track each employees vacation time. If you also offer sick leave, this will also be automatically tracked, allowing them to submit a request which can be automatically approved. Best of all, it is something that you can access remotely, allowing you to take care of all of this as quickly as possible.

What Else Does TimeTrex Offer?

This is one of the best companies for workforce management for many different reasons. Time clocks, and time and attendance, are just a few areas that they specialize in. On top of scheduling and leave maintenance software, they also offer job costing and expenses information. Payroll, HRM, and recruitment software is also part of the packages that they offer. You can speak with a representative over the phone, or do a live chat on their website. As with most of these companies, you can also submit an email so that someone can contact you the following day.

If you have been looking for a company to provide you with the best time and attendance software, you should consider working with TimeTrex. They have a wide variety of options, all of which will work together to help you keep track of your employees, and all of the information related to their employment with you. Now that you know how they can help your company, you may want to speak with a representative to find out more about pricing and options. They will offer you an excellent solution to managing your employees with their time and attendance software.